Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


The name ‘HARITIMA’ itself explains its essence, ‘Harit’ means green and ‘Atma’ means soul. Our aim is to sensitize the youth of our country towards the deteriorating environmental conditions and urge them to do their bit because drop by drop we can make an ocean.

The young minds are our future stakeholders and hence Haritima targets to continuously cultivate their minds with ways in which they can be a beacon of change. We aim to forge awareness about the various environmental perils and their consequences and to stimulate a spirit of environmentalism within the budding juvenile through our education-oriented project ‘HANS CHETNA’.

Another project, ‘A Million More’ aims to plant 10 lakh trees over a span of 5 years across the National Capital, New Delhi. However planting a million trees is not the ultimate aim of Haritima, it is just the beginning of a big revolution.

In the middle of a pandemic, we’ve realized how important it is to adapt to the new online learning system. In accordance to this, Haritima is now aiming to be a part of this technological revolution. We’re planning to digitalize our Hans-Chetna Project by providing online education and awareness through YouTube.

We at Haritima, with the vision in mind to develop greenery in hearts, minds souls and surroundings, are looking forward to organise more drives and events in the future, both in online and offline mode, to encourage the youth to be responsible children of mother earth. We inspire everyone to listen to the music of the earth and realise that heaven is nowhere but under their feet and over their heads.


Haritima is devoted to enlighten the masses regarding one of the most neglected issues of recent times, the environmental conservation. Haritima vows to spread awareness about the colossal need in youth and involve them in every way possible to contribute in making our surroundings better.
Since its foundation in 2006, Haritima is one of the very few registered societies in Hansraj College and is duly recognized as the environmental awareness society of Hansraj College.

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