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Haritima believes in the ideology of knowledge as a power to upturn the world. We firmly support the cause of environmental protection and pursing sustainable solutions to the problem. Prakriti Chintan is the blog site of Haritima. Prakriti means ‘nature’ and Chintan means ‘introspection’ , thus introspection of the nature to provide great endeavours to the world. Our motto is to promote Environmental knowledge by the youth for the youth .

We deal with long lasting Environmental problems like global warming, Green house effect, glacier eradication, etc.  The articles are detailed,  research work, with relevant statistics along with solutions.  Each article has a main genre with respect to Environment,  Ecology and Biodiversity.

We welcome articles for our blog from the general public. 

Rules For Articles

  • Maximum plagiarism should be of 10%
  • World limit 500-1000 words
  • Proper resources and citation/ reference should be mention in the articles
  • Articles should be relevant to the Topic of Environment only.

Writers will get the recognition of their work as the articles will be published in their name on the website. 



Rise in energy demand of India

Introduction The phrase “energy demand” refers to the amount of …
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Environmental Inequality

Environmental inequality is the unequal distribution of environmental benefits and …
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Breathing in the Aftermath: Unpacking the Health Effects of Post-Diwali Air Pollution

Introduction: Diwali, the festival of lights, brings joy and merriment …
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बढ़ती जनसख्ं या का पर्या वरण पर प्रभाव: क्या बढ़ती जनसख्ं या वरदान अथवा शाप?

परि चयअवसरों और चनु ौति यों दोनों को प्रस्ततु करतेहुए, …
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Plastic: Waste or Wealth?

As the breeze whirlpools through the waters of the Bay …
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भारत का पर्यावरणीय चिंतन : कल और आज   

‘परितः आवरणम्’ अर्थात् हमारे चारों ओर विद्यमान वह घेरा या …
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Funding Our Future: The Climate Financing for Sustainable Tomorrow

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of …
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The global stocktake is a procedure through which nations and …
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Agricultural pollution refers to biotic and abiotic by-products of farming …
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From global warming, frequent floods and fires and numerous other …
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