Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


“Writing good editorials is chiefly telling the people what they think not what you think”.

-Arthur Brisbane

Editorials segments are the gambit of all the writing pieces combined together with the motive to convey the central theme of the idea, action, activity, a program.

The editorial wing of Haritima includes exclusive writings, expressions, opinions, and restructured content by its members, volunteer, and the core team. Haritima provides the much-needed platform to do volunteers and members to experiment and innovate with their ideas and Express them in Unique writing styles and forms.  Activities range from seminars, content writing competitions (poems, rhymes, etc.), researches, projects, and articles on various current and important issues concerning flora and fauna.

At Haritima each and every member gets constant and constructive support and assistance from the Core Team and experts of the field to learn new skills and enhance the existing ones.

 If you are one of those with an instant of expressing through writing and words along with an inclination towards the environment, the Haritima editorial wing is your destination. The volunteers get due recognition for their contribution and efforts to make the environment greener and cleaner along with the certificate at the compilation of the tenure.

Join the editorial wing, learn, enhance, grow, and educate the people about the environment through your creative and descriptive writing pieces.

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