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Step Towards Change

about the project

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” This quote from Nathaniel Branden conveys us the significance of being aware but how much aware are we towards our environmental issues? The concept of change will just be hope in disgrace if we refuse to accept the reality and to accept something one must be aware of it.

Project Hans-Chetna, an education and awareness-centered project of Haritima with the same vision in eyes is trying to make a difference by educating young minds about pre-existing and new emerging environmental issues.  If you try to ‘sandhi vichched’ Hans-Chetna, ‘Hans’ means ‘young minds’ and ‘Chetna’ signifies ‘spreading of awareness’ which promisingly justifies the vision and moto of Hans-Chetna.

Why we launched this project

It is of utmost concern for humanity to protect our mother nature, and also youth is an imperative asset in this cause, as they are the future stakeholders for our country. They should be encouraged to initiate those crucial steps which are beneficial to our environment. So, in this regard, our project Hans-Chetna has organized many visits and campaigns in the past and continuing this voyage with full enthusiasm even these tough pandemic times haven’t been able to affect our sailing, we are organizing webinars, competitions, and many other activities to inspire our ‘as fresh as a daisy’ youth to contribute in this noble cause.

How Project Hans-Chetna Works and New Reforms

If you are a nature lover and passionate enough to interact with young children so that they also get some insights from you about the subject then Hans-Chetna is for you! We at Hans-Chetna adopt different schools in college locality and provide them free education about environmental concerns and how to deal with them at individual levels like one of them is ‘Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya’. We also conduct competition, webinars, short film screening so that children can get the gist of the session in a playful manner.

Also to match the pace of technology, we have launched our website where you will be able to access to all information related to upcoming events, projects of Haritima. Also we will meet you all on our YouTube channel, loaded with some great stuff and informative environment concerned videos. SO, STAY TUNED!!

What we envision

“We all are on the same boat” and the boat is drowning somewhere, to heal that hole in our nature for a safer voyage we have to come together and spread awareness about the current prevailing environmental issues, and that’s all that Hans-Chetna envision.

Many environmental awareness sessions have been conducted under this project. Waste management, air pollution, climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, etc. are some very hot topics for the same. Even when physical interactions were not possible, online sessions were conducted.

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live”   – Dalai Lama

Be a Volunteer

When nature screams, the sound is silent

To hear the same, you have to be quiet

Hear o hear! the vibrant sons of beloved mother

Those burnt trees, rested in ashes, were our brothers

It’s our divine duty, to spread the message

The destiny is pure, what if narrow is the passage

To feel the serenity of nature’s shore,

JOIN US!, comrade, the stage is all yours


Greetings from Haritima – The Environmental Awareness Society of Hansraj College 🌱

” When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world ”
— Shai Reshef

Children are the most significant stakeholders in environmental conservation as they are going to be tomorrow’s future. Educating and making them aware regarding environmental conservation is of utmost importance.

With the same objective, under Hans-Chetna Project, we are delighted to announce that we have started Eco-education Program
“हरित कक्षा🍃
-which is an online class/session program to nurture green thoughts and values in children and imbibe in them a spirit of environmentalism.

🌻 About Classes:-
🍀One class per week (on Sunday)
🍀Eligibility – Class 3rd to 8th students.
🍀Access to the classes is entirely free; the student must have access to smartphone and internet.
🍀Student will be awarded a certificate on completion of the program.

Hanschetna team will personally contact them to verify the details and will add them to our database🤝💫

For any queries, contact👇

Ananya- 9610228832
Palak- 9877921356
Sumit- 9131029056

Greetings from Haritima, The Environmental Awareness Society of Hansraj College ☘️☘️

Under project Hans Chetna, we are proud to share that so far we have completed one month of हरित कक्षा 🍃

Keeping the saying हरितिमा वही सोच नई✨✨

HansChetna Team has constantly worked behind its motive of sensitizing the children about the environment.🙌

Special mention to HansChetna’s volunteers for their efficient working.🤝
Their teamwork makes the dream work in true sense.💫💫

Kind Regards,




You can easily join us in this journey, by simple visiting our website and click on the JOIN US menu.

Grateful to have you all green minds as a part of this noble cause.

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