Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


He best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” 

– Tom Fishburne.

Marketing is the gambit of all the activities undertaken to sell and reach out to the targeted people with an idea, product, or service. 

The marketing wing of Haritima entirely focuses on reaching and touching the current and potential people and environmental enthusiasts to know them better, publishing the idea behind each action of Haritima.

The Volunteers and the team members advertise, publish, and broadcast the information crucial to educate the people about the environment via circulating the posts and ideas in different groups and pages, getting traffic for the upcoming events and ongoing programs. 

Moreover, the volunteers and the members work with the core team and gather the information and enhance their knowledge base and additions to their existing skillset. 

Even a little effort on the volunteer part is eyed, recognized, and given due attention through various modes like featuring on social media platforms of Haritima, certificates, and amazing rewards.    

So, if you have the instinct to critically analyze and evaluate the situation and develop the proper method of marketing suiting the current conditions. Then Haritima’s marketing wing welcomes you with warmth.

Join the marketing wing and get a hand over the fundamental world market tools and grow to face the world with preparedness.  


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