Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


  माता भूमि: पुत्रो अहाम् पृथिव्या: ।।

 The Earth is our mother and we are her children.

With this ideology, Haritima laid it’s foundation in the year 2006 and became a registered society of Hansraj College.It is a non-profitable club with the motive to spread awareness about the need of environmental conservation in current times.

Since its inception, it has been a kind of tradition for Haritima to commemorate the newyear by organizing an Annual Environment Festival ‘Prakriti Kumbh’, in collaboration with the Environmental societies of other colleges. Cyclothon, which is the Flagship Event of the society is another major milestone in the journey of Haritima. It a bicycle rally to attractpeoples’ attention towards our cause.

To nurture the seeds of environmentalism in young minds, Haritima initiated the project ‘Hans-Chetna’ this inculcates environmental awareness in students. Under this project we have visited various schools including Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya and Nigam Pratibha Balika Vidyalayato educate and to instill some sensitivity in the minds of students towards the environment.

Another project, A Million More, was effectuated on 1st January, 2020 with the aim to sow the seeds of 10 lakh trees in a span of 5 years across Delhi.We have successfully planted more than 1000 trees till now.

Every contest, webinar, eco talk and drive has added to the glory of Haritima. With every small or big initiative we’ve managed to bringa tiny improvement in our surroundings. We have grown a lot since our inception but there is a longer way to go ahead.

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