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Greetings from Haritima, The Environmental Awareness Society of Hansraj College
“Success is the sum of small efforts-repeated day in and day out” –Robert Collier
Haritima organized its Annual Event– Prakriti Kumbh on 20th April 2022 in Old Seminar Room from 12:30 pm onwards to celebrate its collective and consistent green efforts ✨🍀
The event started with welcoming the guests via plantation by our convenor Dr. Kapila Mallah ma’am and our guest speaker Mr. Gyan Prakash Sharma to promote our green ideology , followed by Speaker Session on the topic- ‘Aliens within the Plant World’, Q/A round with the speaker, Felicitation Ceremony of Members, Distribution of the Green Gifts. The entire ceremony was anchored by our President Mr.Krishna Mishra and was organised by our able volunteers and coordinators . The session ended with a mandatory group photo with Convenor ma’am.
We would like to thank our honourable Principal ma’am Dr. Rama , Convenor ma’am, Speaker Sir , Dr. Sudesh Kumari ma’am , Simran Sethi ma’am and all the participants for joining us! 🌸
And a special thanks to all the volunteers for their contribution in making the event memorable! 🥳🙌



Haritima – My one of the imperishable college life moments and stories!
The exceptional Green Journey from being STEWARD (Volunteer – assistance) to PILOT (President – guidance ) was Incredible! Difficult to believe, more difficult to forget!
Although this journey was not always green! As seasons change, Nature adopts it accordingly, something similar happened to me! I face harsh summer (structural inefficiencies), Extreme Winter (lack of enthusiasm about nature in team members), Heavy Rainfall ( New reforms, Changes, Innovation) but after this Rain of हरितिमा वही सोच नई , new plants of hope sprang up!
In Season of Autumn new Green minds joined us, working together, thinking and innovating together to take Haritima to new heights! After V shaped Green recovery, it was the time to assess our Green accomplishments bearing fruits in the Spring season!
Let’s look at Pilot’s (President) journey and it’s ground results –
💠1st May,21 – राज्य अभिषेक (Officially honored with the responsibility to head the organisation)
✅Result – You will realise soon, once you go through the following!
💠1st June – Haritima’s Official website launched!
✅Result – All in one Platform for direct contact between like minded nature lovers & Haritima!
💠1st July – Eco Talk series Launched!
✅Result – 9 Eco Talks (Speaker sessions) were successfully organised with wonderful responses ✨️
💠August – New Logos of Projects launched!
✅Result – Modernisation and clear understanding of project’s aim among viewers! Enthusiasm and rejuvenation among volunteers.
💠1st September – Tasveernama Launched!
✅Result – 18 Nature clicks had been recognised from Pan India!
💠5th September- Adopt a plant Challenge 3.0 launched!
✅Result – More than 120 people participated, approx 100 plants were planted along with feeding of the animals✨️
💠4th October, 21- Project Mowgli (Animal welfare project of Haritima) was launched!
✅Result – Volunteers successfully installed water cum food bowls and Bird houses in Hansraj college campus, visited KAW animal shelters and launched online series for digital awareness.
💠October – Harit Kaksha was launched!
✅Result – Online Eco-education – Starting from 9 students to more than 50 students at the end of the session. Volunteers taught students environmental issues and daily life green hacks for eco friendly life!
💠1st November, 21 – Official Youtube channel launched!
✅Result – All sessions, eco talks, informative shorts were uploaded for awareness.
💠November – Green Diwali was Launched!
✅Result- Impressive responses about people celebrating festivals in Green manner!
💠8th November, 21 – Virtual tour by WWF was organised!
✅Result – First of its kind, Green minds had a virtual tour of Mangrove swamps and its biodiversity during pandemic times!
💠13th November, 21 – Prakriti Sankalp
✅Result – First offline Plantation drive in Pandemic time! More than 50 plants were planted!
💠1st December, 21 – DU – AECC EVS course was Launched!
✅Result – First in the league, Haritima launched its Environmental studies online course, covering all topics, case studies and issues through notes, definitions, infographics and well explained youtube videos! Students across nation are taking advantage of this free resource.
💠January 2022- Praktiti Sansad – The Green Parliament and Election!
✅Result – Students across India, Participated, discussed and fought elections for the first time on the basis of Environment as the main theme of their Manifestos!
💠February 2022- Green Valentine
✅Result – Couples celebrated their love in Green manner, and the lone wolf also made the plants their Valentine!
💠March,2022- Clean & Green Drive
✅Result – More than 100 bottles were collected, which will transform into planters for the Green Wall of Hansraj soon !
💠March,2022 – Hans-Chetna Vidyalaya Visit
✅Results – Awareness sessions, competitions were organised, More 200 school students had enjoyed this Green Education program!
💠April 2022 – “Nature Walk” under Frames
✅Result – About 30 Green members of Haritima visited Sanjay Van for nature walk, they had an astonishing experience of photography, nature exploration and biodiversity!
💠20th April, 2022 – प्रकृति कुम्भ,22 – Annual fest of Haritima
✅Result- Successful organisation of the ceremony,Prize Distribution, Speaker session, plantations & Plants felicitation of volunteers of Haritima✨️
After party, Freshers, farewell
Many more…✨
Long story in short – It was really a life experience for me to work in all possible fronts towards the welfare of nature simultaneously! Keeping enthusiasm alive and making decorum while friend’s zone were challenging for me, but now happy to win them all with bright colours 🎨
I am grateful towards my Haritima council who worked day and night continuously for transforming green Ideas from paper to field!🏆🥇
यह तो बस शुरुआत है, फ़िल्म अभी बाकि है मेरे दोस्त!
यह अंत नहीं!
अंत ही आरम्भ है 💫
Krishna Mishra🫅🏻
President Haritima (2021-22)
#Emperor of Delhi
#King of Jhansi


Haritima was one of the initial societies that I joined when I got into Hansraj. Now when I am about to pass out, looking back at my 3 years in the society I can say that I have had a fantastic experience from starting as a volunteer to vice-president.🍃
Visits to parks, trips, and schools and during covid the online working all have given me the experience to cherish. Through the course of these years, I have met many people from different backgrounds, some of whom became good friends.🌱
I am grateful that I got the opportunity to be part of the team and contribute to the cause of nature.
The learnings have been immense and the addition to my college experience intense.🌿


Some stories and life experiences are not meant to be diminished by time. The feelings behind these green stories remain always fresh. My Story in Haritima started in Hansraj Hostel, where one of my seniors ( later who served as a core member of the society) instructed ( not suggested: As Hostel Culture ) me to join Haritima, that’s how I joined the society. Initially, I worked as a volunteer and attended many cleanliness, plantation drives & events, these activities pushed me more towards our environment and nature.
That was the phase of offline working but Suddenly lockdown happened and all things came on the online platforms. In the next session (2021-21) I became the Technical coordinator which was the most challenging duty for me because all things were happening in online mode. We took several initiatives in that session. That time was quite hard for everyone, in which Haritima helped a lot. I developed a good bonding with my co-coordinators… Although many friend coordinators/volunteers were in society so it was a difficult job to maintain the personal and professional relationships with them. I have learnt many things in my second year & developed many new skills.
As 2nd year passed, I was honoured with the responsibility of General Secretary.. Only three members were in the core team. As we were new to the position, we had so many aims, ambitions and ideas at the same time. Initially, it was very difficult to manage all things because our team was very small in the initial months but we have the same aim which was to take our society to the next level.
In this journey , Many disturbances and disputes happened within the core as well as among coordinators. That was the worst phase of this session I had ever seen.
Many of our coordinators left. But our work pace was still uninterrupted. We were going at the same speed. After two months we have launched many new initiatives including the Official website & YouTube. This was our first victory. After that, we have launched various initiatives in which Harit Kaksha & Project Mowgli are highlighted.
In all of these victories, one common thing was the efforts of our coordinator team. They never said no to any work even if ideas are pre-decided, but those ideas were like blank paper on which our special coordinators wrote a beautiful poem with great passion, patience and hard work.
At the end of this long message, I would like to summarise my experience “प्रयास स्वप्न को सफल बनाते है , लेकिन सफलता आती है जिम्मेदारी के साथ, जिसे निभाने के लिए उतने ही प्रयासों की आवश्यकता होती है जो की आपने सफलता पाने के लिए किए थे।” “



Joining Haritima was not a planned decision in my life, but it turned out to be one of the best rash decisions I’ve ever made. It not only assisted me in developing leadership abilities, but it also provided me with a number of wonderful relationships. Haritima’s visits have a special place in my heart because they have helped me gain new life experiences.




It has been an amazing journey for me as a member of The Haritima Family.
I joined the society during the lockdown, a time when everything around us was uncertain. During those testing times , Haritima, with its zeal was certain to work towards the environment and contribute in whatever way it can🌻
As the only coordinator of Project Million More and as a part of the Research and Editorial team , the journey has been one of self growth and learning.
The people , the memories , the family , the teachings …all summed up together , got me to the equation of Hansraj = Haritima ❤️🌻



I’m grateful to be part of the Haritima Family…😌✨
The environment here continuously inspired me to expand my boundaries and to tackle all the challenges that come along the way.🙌
My overall journey as the coordinator of Project HansChetna and as the part of Research and Editorial wing has been really amazing…thanks to the members and the core team who were super amazing, ever ready to help, and always open to new ideas!
Members here put all possible efforts to achieve the desired goal of inculcating greenery not only in the surroundings but also in the minds of the people. #हरितिमा वही सोच नई✨
I would like to thank everyone for being a beautiful part of my journey and for giving me memories to cherish forever…❤️❤️


I feel very privileged to have worked as a coordinator in Haritima Society for HansChetna Project (2021-22) wherein we educated and instilled eco-awareness in the budding minds across the country, despite the pandemic via online means and school session after offline college resumption.
The sensitisation of children regarding nature, has given a ray of hope amidst lack of environmental awareness to address its degradation.
I am highly grateful to the core for giving me the golden opportunity to work in the distinguished society and their constant support and guidance. Their zeal to lead all together and push for giving one’s best has always inspired me.
The society has helped me grow as a person with lots of new learnings, experiences & reminiscences. These things will always be with me, guiding and helping me in the future.
Haritima will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤️🌱


It has been an amazing journey at Haritima with the best team ever, got to learn so much throughout. Being a part of Haritima was the memorable phase of my college life. Always there for Haritima and its people. After spending a session online during pandemic, we are back to our offline work, though enjoying and working together, learning new things each day. Many more years to roll down Haritima !!!




This session has been a unique experience in itself for me as would have been for anyone else seeing both the online mode of working as well as the offline mode.I joined haritima a year back as the frames coordinator. The journey here has been a beautiful one though not a linear one. It was filled with ups and downs , moments where everything felt too much and even moments where everything felt under control. That’s the beauty of any “journey” it is not a straight line . It has turns , twists , speed breakers , acceleration zones and that’s what makes a journey beautiful and my time in haritima had it all. Being part of Haritima brought me closer to nature in new ways and taught me that how with small changes and initiatives we can make a big difference. I got to learn a lot from my seniors and fellow coordinator each coming with a unique thought process and working style . I ll be forever grateful to haritima for the experience and opportunity i got here .
Cheers to this green journey!💫



My journey in haritima started unexpectedly , i joined through the lateral enteries that too because my friend was already the part of the society.
My journey throughout was not constant it has ups and downs, sometimes it had became hectic for me to manage everything simultaneously but the supportive behaviour from Haritima the Green family help me to make ways at that time .
Due to the society my strengths and weaknesses were unveiled , my journey taught me various things and due to the society i had many good friends now , everlasting experience of grace , gratitude and joyfulness will always remain in my mind .
It was worth investing my time in it 💚💚




This place for me has not just been an opportunity to grow but a family to lean on.
Here I did not just learn about nature but i was also able to grow as a person. From volunteering in plantation activities to organising sessions, it has been a great journey that i shall cherish forever.




Haritima, the place where I got to know the importance of nature and met really humble and sweet people. I remember the pandemic driven world, full of uncertainties, when I joined Haritima. Almost 1.5 years of lockdown and I was doing nothing productive. Haritima provided me the opportunity to discover my fondness for the nature. Little by little, bit by bit; I found myself contributing something towards conservation of the nature. Through a number of projects, seminars, competitions and of course fun activities; I learnt a lot from Haritima and my friends here. Today I can say that Haritima is one of the best things happened to me in my whole college life. Never thought that an introvert like me could club with people this easily.
Thankyou Haritima and all its members for making me a better person. Our green bond will last forever 💚💚💚💚💚💚


I have been part of the Haritima family for about 2 years and it surely has the best and supportive environment…it’s one of the best things that happened in my college life which helped me grow as a person.
The journey was full of fun and learning…
The members, my fellow mates and the core team always inspired me and helped me learn a lot.
I am glad to be part of Haritima and will surely do all possible things to make our environment a little better. ✨
Thank you so much everyone for being a beautiful part of my journey



My Haritima journey includes love , motivation , guidence and scolding 🙄😂.
But this journey can not be reached here without the SUPPORT of my seniors ( Bhaiyaas) and coordinators.
As it is always said in Haritima that it firstly provides you the learning for the task rather than checking your learning for the task , it is very much true in my case.
Whether it is website , poster making , PPTs ,and article writing , the guidence and teaching received was really like a support stick in Haritima ‘s Yatra.
I really thank Haritima for always encouraging me and helping me in my tough times


Hey, I am Riya jain. I may fall short of words to express my emotions and my gratitude for the opportunity I have received to be the volunteer and the marketing coordinator of the prestigious Society Haritima. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the core team who inculcated such capabilities in me during the probation period that I felt confident to be able to execute my duties and responsibilities. Haritima has given me a lot of experience, memories and a green family. I would be always thankful to Haritima. I will take it with me forever, in my heart and of course in my CV too.😜

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