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Because they matter

About Animal Project

At Project MOWGLI, we don’t want to be animals’ voices because we know they already have one; we want to listen and comprehend them. With our goals of assisting rescues, eliminating human-animal conflict for wildlife conservation, providing direct support to local animals, and instilling public education about animals, we anticipate a prosperous path ahead.

Four Pillars of Project MOWGLI –

  • Assistance: Our top goal is to engage in initiatives that will strengthen local feeders, and partner rescuers and non-governmental organizations. 
  • Education: Effective education is MOWGLI’s most important pillar. The general public is ignorant of the numerous rights and classifications bestowed by the constitution to both domestic and wild animals. We raise awareness in this area by teaching students about the importance of animal welfare, as this is the most effective method to prevent conflict and cruelty and train volunteers with the basic knowledge of animal aid.
  • Direct Aid: MOWGLI supports any action that has the potential to minimize human-wildlife conflicts, because wildlife is the foundation of every ecosystem, and forests survive because of their existence.
  • Sustainability and Solution: MOWGLI aims to directly engage and address visible conflicts by holding vaccination drives, sterilization campaigns, emergency rescue planning, and providing food and shelter to animals in the vicinity of their campus.
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