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World on track for 2.7°C temp rise this century

World on track for 2.7°C temp rise this century

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) warns that the century will see a rise of 2.7°C. The 2.7°C breaches the Paris Agreement’s target of 2°C and therefore the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been warning of catastrophic consequences if the earth is allowed to warm beyond an average temperature of 2°C compared to pre-industrial age levels.

There is a 66% chance of hitting global warming of 2.7°C by end of the century with the present research on western climates.

An increase in global temperature will cause widespread ice melting – which is the only source of freshwater left. The Ozone Layer is also crucial to humans, but with global warming, it’s constantly eradicating with annual hole formations.



Recently, the ice content of great Alaska has been shrinking at a pace greater than its formation. The dominant global warming, as well as increased carbon imbalance, have disrupted ecological balance.

To combat the solution, afforestation and plantation is the only sustainable individual solution. Plantation increases carbon absorption and thus balances the overall natural carbon cycle. Along with carbon balance, plants have various advantages in medicines, homeopathy, industrial growth and common household necessities including food.




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