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Ranthambore tigers at risk of extinction

Biologists in Bengaluru reported that in small isolated forests like Ranthambhore, the tiger population is at risk of being wiped out due to inbreeding practices.
National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) states that Ranthambore is the only source population of the big cats in the Ranthambore – Mukundra – Kuno – Shivpuri – Madhav landscape which are marked by forests, Chambal ravines, river streams, and agricultural lands.
Tigers in Ranthambore are twice inbred as compared to tigers of other places which leads to a decrease in fitness of Tigers and as a result of this, the population is at risk.
Biologists suggested introducing tigers from other parks to Ranthambore in order to save the 50-odd tigers at tiger reserve.

Our Vision

Tigers are a part of our natural ecosystem. If these are extinct then there will be a disturbance in the ecosystem. Inbreeding causes a decrease in fitness which should be stopped because we can’t put pressure on tigers for breeding. Also, we should care about tigers much because they are at a level of extinction. We should make a good environment for them in National parks and reserves just like their own home then only we can protect tigers and other animals from extinction. There will be many parks or reserves where the tigers are fewer, we should search for them and should do something to protect animals from extinction.

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