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Month: November 2021

Save the Narmada Movement: “Narmada Bachao Andolan”

Narmada BachaoAndolanor in short, NBA includes series of moments which primarily aimed at saving the Narmada river and people around it from the dam projects, proposed to be built on the river.Its leading spokesperson includes Medha Patkar and Baba Amte along with many farmers, tribal representatives, environmental activists, and other people who lived near river Narmada. …

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Consider being the most important environmental movement, ChipkoAndolan – Hug the trees movement promoted the feeling of environmental awareness and its preservation among the population of India. Causes Initiated by Jayaprakash Narayan and the Sarvodayamovement, in the year 1964 Dasholi Society for Village Self-Rule was set up by Gandhiansocial worker Chandi Prasad Bhatt in The …


Pani Panchayat, Pune, Maharashtra

Introduction Pani Panchayat is a voluntary activity which was worked out via collective management (harvesting and distribution) of surface water and groundwater (wells and percolation tanks) by a group of farmers of Naigaonvillage of the drought-prone Purandartaluka of Maharashtra in 1974. It was initiated by VilasraoSalunkhe, after a severe drought hit Maharashtra during 1972-73 and …

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Environmental communication and public awareness

Environmental Commmunication It is the transmission of information and communication practices related to the environment. It is essential for us to understand not only the functioning of the environment but also our relationship with the natural world. The purpose of environmental communication is to educate people about various environmental issues and subsequently find their solutions. …

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Minimata Disease

Introduction Since the 1960s, Japan has been working on developing an environmental conservation system, and there are now a variety of environmental conservation measures available. However, because the previous time was characterised by rapid economic growth, different sorts of pollution-related damages, including harm to human health, were produced by productive activities that did not pay …

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Rio conference, UNFCCC- Kyoto Protocol/Paris Agreement

By middle 20th century it was becoming clear that human action has significantly increased the production of greenhouse gases and the process of global warming was accelerating, major credits for this increase goes to industrial revolution. By now nearly all scientists and nations add agree that we must stop and reverse the process. Consequently, in …

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