Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


Environmental Act

Prime objective:
  • To lessen, control and prevent the air pollution
  • To establish the central & State Board in order to implement the Act.
  • To authorize the Boards to implement the Act provisions and assign to the Boards functions regarding pollution.
Boards under this and their structure:
  • Water(Prevention & Control of Pollution) act 1975.
Powers and functions of Central Board:
  1. Central Pollution Board:
  • The Central Board’s main function is to implement legislation made for the betterment of air quality and to minimize air pollution.
  • The Central Government is advised by the Board on matters regarding air quality improvement and activities are coordinated too.
  • The Board provides guidance and technical assistance to State Boards and draws up standards for air quality.
  • The Board collects and disseminates information in respect of matters regarding pollution of air.
  1. State Pollution Control Boards:
  • The State Boards have the authority to advise the State Government on an affair regarding air pollution.
  • They have the right to examine at all rational times or give commands to take important steps for air pollution prevention.
  • A State Board may establish one or more laboratories to examine air pollution in different areas at any interval.
Important provision of the Act:
  • To declare pollution control areas.
  • Permitting the Boards to limit air pollutants emission.
  • Inspection, entry power, taking analysis, and samples.
  • Restricting certain industries.
  • Penalties.
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