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Month: September 2021

vultures-living in the domain of nature

Facebook Twitter Instagram VULTURES- LIVING IN THE DOMAIN OF NATURE Around eight critically endangered oriental white backed vultures were released into the wild from the Jatayu Conservation and Breeding Centre (JCBC). “The oriental white backed vultures that were released in the wild are residential birds and not migratory,  so they largely stay within a radius …

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28% of 138000 assessed species faced extinction-iucn

Facebook Twitter Instagram Habitat loss, overexploitation, illegal trade, and poaching and hunting have hammered global wildlife populations for decades, and climate change is now kicking in as a direct threat as well. Frequent wildfires in South Australia have shown a decline in koala population, migratory birds are decreasing in India’s Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary with subsequent …

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greenland ice melting incident

Facebook Twitter Instagram Greenland, world’s largest island located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, has 3⁄4 of its surface area covered with a permanent ice sheet, which is under threat because of climate change. Last week Saturday for the first and foremost time on America’s National Science Foundation record, the summit of Greenland received rain …

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