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kinnaur landslide

With the upcoming of monsoon season during July- August month, the incidents of landslides increases in North India causing fatal destruction. Recently, a devastating landslide at Kinnaur , Himachal Pradesh claimed more than 28 lives. Indo-Tibetan Border Police(ITBP) arrived on time to rescue peoples who got buried into the debris. Meteorologist claims that due to continuous raining for weeks in Kinnaur District, rocks and debris weakened up and thus land shifting happened. To some extent, deforestation too plays a role. District people claims that many people who died due to the landslide were from Delhi and had visited Himachal for tourism. Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus carrying over 50 people got buried under the debris. Many was injured severely and are now undergoing treatment for the same. The Himachal government proposed to provide monetary benefits to families who lost their dear ones. The incident was indeed hazardous and fatal.

Our Expression

Many meteorologist have reasoned the cause of increasing landslides as deforestation. With rapid urbanization, deforestation is increasing to make space to construct infrastructure facilities for tourists. This has led to wearing and weakness in hills and with subsequent raining the rocks becomes smooth and falls of.
We believe the government should implement laws to mitigate measures to decrease the migration into Himachal Pradesh along with adopting sustainable solutions to increase plantation and afforestation in Himachal Pradesh. Dams should be properly built so that unwanted incidents of Dams collapsing decreases. The community of Himachal Pradesh should encourage nature sustainability and discourage any kind of nature hazardous activities. Strict guidelines for extreme migration should be implemented because as migration increases, the pressure on land increases. The resources shared by the community too replenish. Recently, National Disaster Management Committee released guidelines to mitigate landslides where one measure was to increase afforestation which indeed will provide as a relief to ongoing landslides.
Haritima provides its condolences to the families who lost there dear ones in the incident.

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