Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


  • Ecosystem services provide humans with the basic amenities which are necessary for their survival for example, clean water, regulating disease and climate, tourism, cultural as well as recreational benefits, nutritious food as well as food chain, food web, healthy atmosphere totally based on medicinal herbs. So these services are just countless so,
  • Firstly we should know what biodiversity actually is: Biodiversity is the diversity between the species and the ecosystem . With its imbalance, changes in our ecosystem services are affected. So to care and be conscious about it is very necessary.

ecological services

  • Basically ecology means the relationship between humans and the environment surrounding
  • After studying ecology as a discipline scientists had classified it important over various other aspects and such benefits accrue to all living organisms. And now it is universally recognized that ecological goods and services provide good health, social and cultural needs.
  • Ecological goods like clean air and abundant fresh water, the wetlands which automatically recharge the
  • Pollination every third spoon we eat comes from this process
  • Forests and dark cover of forests act as a source of carbon sink and as a natural source for mitigating carbon and hence preventing earth from global warming and climate
  • Ecology has a neutralizing effect over everything it maintains, food web, food cycle, ecosystem, atmosphere, hydrosphere and what not.

impact of ecology and biodiversity over economy

  • Biodiversity the variability and diversity among living organisms from all sources that includes terrestrial, marine and other aquatic After all it is called as the foundation of life on earth by IUCN.
  • Maintaining and conserving biodiversity is by the natural process of weathering nitrogen fixation, biological pest control, pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Many tribal areas and villagers totally depend on the particular environment and nature they live in for woods, food, fiber, fuel.
  • Fishing this aquatic ecosystem provides employment to crores of people in India particularly and India is second largest producer in this sector.
  • Tourism the opportunity for employment and rejuvenation in this is very high and India is planning for ecotourism as planned source for attracting tourist.

Aesthetical services

  • We all are well versed with the very facts that India have very deep roots in spirituality and the ancient sages and seers were enlightened in the laps of nature only the great sages like Agastya, VishwaMitra, Valmiki, they became sanyasis to live forever and depend on nature and forests for their existence. As in this world of technology and artificial intelligence, an environment of spiritual realism can be fostered by diverse ecology and biodiversity!

Also, the artisanal beauty of the creator can be analyzed from the beauty of our planet. Earth is in abundance with many natural resources which are not present over other planets. Biological diversity is responsible for the beauty of Earth’s landscape. People visit various places like wildlife sanctuaries, National parks, for their rejuvenation

  • In many scheduled and tribal areas under schedule 5 and 6 of Indian constitution. The forests are worshipped and divinity is seen through them, just to connect and have spiritual benefits because biodiversity and ecology are indirectly serving humanity from ages.

social and ethical services

  • The social value of biodiversity includes aesthetic recreational, cultural and spiritual values. A lot of health benefits are provided by it. The lives of various indigenous people in many parts of the world have an invariable concomitance with nature and the environment, even in these many of them still live in the
  • The biodiversity and environment in different parts of the world is largely preserved by traditional societies. Since the indigenous people always protect the forests for their own benefit, which is reflected from the fact that in ancient times the flora and fauna were held in high esteem
  • Many rituals and festivals still revolve around the flora and fauna trees and shrubs like peepal, banyan and tulsi are still worshipped to sensitize people about their services and importance.


The importance of our ecology and biodiversity is incomparable and the services provided by them is very exclusive, but due to rapid industrialization and excessive greed of people the natural resources are declining with an alarming rate so there is a need to take steps regarding the same as global warming, climate change, melting glaciers, extinct and endangered species will impact tremendously the lives of humans only.

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