Haritima : The Environmental Society Of Hansraj College


  • Cybernetic system: every ecosystem regulates and maintains itself and resists any stresses or disturbances up to a certain limit. This self-regulation or control is known as Cybernetic System.
  • Key-stone species: the species which have great influence on the community’s characteristics relative to their low abundance or biomass. Their activities determine the structure of the community. E.g. lion in forest, kangaroo rat in desert, fig tree in tropical forest
  • Biomass: Biomass is standing crop expressed in terms of weight (dry) (i.e. organism mass). (Standing Crop: Total amount of living organic matter present in particular area in particular time in an ecosystem is known as standing crop.)
  • Denitrification: process of converting bio form of nitrogen like nitrates into non bio form nitrogen (NO2) and fixing it back to atmosphere.
  • Biotic Agents: Components which are living in nature. For Example; Plants, animals, Homo sapiens.
  • Homeostasis: the ability of natural ecosystem to accept the changes and resist the same, homeostasis (homeo = same; stasis = standing)
  • Nitrification: oxidation of ammonia salts to nitrites and further oxidation of nitrites to nitrates
  • Pyrites: Impure form of sulphur
  • Afforestation:  the process of converting abandon land into forest land by planting more trees.
  • Environmental degradation:  It means degrade/downgrade in the quality and efficiency of the environmental process.
  • Global warming:  Increase in the temperature of the earth which lead to melting of glaciers.
  • Desertification: It means degradation of land quality leading to low yielding capacity and ultimately behave as desertic land. It leads to low productivity lands.
  • Man – Animal Conflict:  Also known as human-wildlife conflict is negative meet of animals with humans leading to an unfavourable and bad outcome. Like attacks on humans by animals.
  • Species: The term species can be defined as the most basic category in the system of taxonomy. 
  • Function of time: Anything which is said to be changing with respect to time.
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