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Recent studies conducted by Florida State University has revealed an interesting fact about Marine Sharks. The university concluded that sharks possess an internal navigation system similar to GPS that allows them to use Earth’s magnetic forces to travel long distances with accuracy.

A group of researchers from Florida state university used 20 Bonnethead sharks as there subjects.

When the sharks were exposed to magnetic cues emulating a site about 375 miles south of where they were captured, they turned to swim north, exhibiting a “homeward orientation” suggesting the use of magnetic forces in their navigation into deep oceans.Bryan Keller, the lead author of the study believe that this ‘onboard’ navigation system also compared to as humans GPS, is probably common to other species of sharks too because it is unlikely Bonnetheads evolved with sensitivity to magnetic forces while others that also travel long distances did not.

The researchers captured Juvenile Bonnethead and aligned them in north direction. A distance of roughly 375 miles was chosen. The southerly sharks responded uniformly with orientation”, “homeward suggesting they can “differentiate geographic locations using map information from the geomagnetic field”. Using camera and other software, the team observed that the mean average angle of the sharks was towards their captured area.
From the capture site simulation, the sharks swam in random directions, and from the north the sharks appeared disorientated. Sharks rarely migrate north. Scientists are still fathoming the fact and hence, a conclusion of sharks GPS system is still on the roads of research.

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