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US Interior Department rejected Trump’s proposal for offshore drilling in Arctic ocean

Last Friday, US Interior Department said that they will not pursue Trump’s proposal for offshore drilling in Arctic waters. A statement from the interior department also mentioned that the rules which released in 2016 will remain in effect and precedence the safety of environment and Alaska native subsistence activities.

Leah Donahey, director of Alaska Wilderness League, said that rules are made from the lessons we learned after Deep Horizon oil spill tragedy at the Gulf of Mexico in 2010(it is an industrial disaster and also considered largest marine oil spill).

However, the Trump’s proposal also mentioned that companies can prepare their operation plans before declaration and they can also address all their risk and challenges before their exploration plan. Even Kara Moriarty, CEO of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association said that changes proposed last year made subsequential improvements. But after all this scenario US Interior department denied for drilling in Arctic bodies.

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